Saturday, November 06, 2004

Worrying death threat

U.S. election aside, hot topic of the last couple of weeks in Persian blogosphere has been a blog called "Islamic Army" in which its anonymous author has threaten a big list of Iranian blogger for their "insults" to Allah, Prophet Mohammad and other Shia Imams.
The blog was first being hosted
on Persianblog, but they shut it down after a while, probably due to complains.

Now they've
moved to BlogSpot and have made another blog with the same name with a more precise content to backup their claims. They now have picked particular posts from my Persian blog, in which they think I've insulted the God, and other sacred concepts of Islam and therefore, quoting from a Quranic verse, I deserve to be killed.

On their links section there isa link to another persian blog called "Islamic resistance" in which the author, Amir, has written in detail about weapons used by Iraqi insurgence, Iranian airforce, and other things with a theme of military resistane. There is also a link to the official website of "
Doctrinal Analysis Center for Securtiy without Borders" which is run by Hassan Abbasi, a controversial Revolutionary Guard (former, maybe) official who advises pre-emptive action by Iran to US and Israili interests, who happens to be Michael Ledeen's favorite Iranian strategist of terror.

I never took them seriously before, but this time I'm a bit concerned, because they seem to be a different group who have possibly liked the original blog and have tried to adopt their message and to prepare enough evidence for the original claims, at least about me. (Although I'm the first place in their the original list, there are many other names.)

It seems they have a serious message this time, and when I add this to the recent mentions of my name in the radical Islamic newspapers such as Jomhouri-e Eslami and Kayhan, it doesn't look very good.

So, even though it still may be only a childish game, I guess I have to inform Canadian police and contact Google to see whether they can trace them, especially via their emails in their Gmail

account: islamicarmy [ at ]
What do you think?

تکمیل:: این نوشته حسین درخشان است که در وبلاگ انگلیسی زبانش آن را منتشر کرده است
در صورتی که تمابل به بودن اسم تان در باکس دژخيمان ندارید با یک نامه اطلاع دهید